Duplex Stainless Steel

22% Chromium, 6% Nickel, 3% Molybdenum, duplex austenitic and ferritic structure stainless steel.

Duplex stainless steels have a superior corrosion performance when compared to 316 material. They have a high resistance to pitting and uniform corrosion. The duplex micro-structure contributes to their high strength and high resistance to stress corrosion cracking. They also have good weldability.

Duplex Stainless Steel references
2205 1.4462   UNS S32205

Widely available as:

  • Plate – 3mm-15mm thick
  • Heavy plate – 20mm and above
  • Tube, pipe, castings
  • hot rolled angle
  • hot rolled channel section.

Cold formed angles can be produced from sheared plate and cold formed by CNC pressbrake.

Cold Formed Duplex Stainless Steel Angles
3mm 30 x 30 mm Up to 300 x 300 mm 3000mm long
4mm 40 x 40 mm Up to 300 x 300 mm 3000mm long
5mm 50 x 50 mm Up to 300 x 300 mm 3000mm long
6mm 60 x 60 mm Up to 300 x 300 mm 3000mm long
8mm 75 x 75 mm Up to 300 x 300 mm 3000mm long
10mm 90 x 90 mm Up to 300 x 300 mm 3000mm long
12mm 120 x 120 mm Up to 300 x 300 mm 2500mm long
15mm 150 x 150 mm Up to 300 x 300 mm 1500mm long

Other combinations of unequal leg lengths are also possible, see Cold Forming

Irregular shaped pieces and curved shapes can be cut by plasma, laser or waterjet. The cutting process selection depends on the thickness of the material and the quality and profile of the finished cut edge. See Plasma Cutting

Holes can be drilled or milled. See Holes & Slots

Slotted holes can be punched or milled. See Holes & Slots

Duplex stainless can be welded with MMA, MIG or TIG welding. For more about welding and projects

There are a range of surface finishes available for stainless steel see polishing

Typical Mechanical Properties

(Note - these are general, indicative, guideline values- not to be used for design – check with appropriate standard)

Typical Duplex Stainless Steel Mechanical Properties
0.2% proof stress N/mm2 460
UTS N/mm2 660
Elongation % 25
Density g/cm3 8

See BS EN ISO 10088-2


Need Holes or Slots?

We punch holes or slots in stainless steel or mild steel plates. The Punched Holes diameter must be greater than the plate thickness. Holes less than the plate thickness must be drilled - please contact the Sales Desk for a price
Holes or slots in Stainless or Mild Steel to your specification

How Accurate?

Download our Cutting & Bending tolerance specifications PDF
Accuracy Tolerances and Specifications

How Soon?

Delivery and manufacturing lead times. Depending upon the size of the order we aim to despatch goods within 2-5 working days. Carriage cost depends upon the size and weight of the order, and the delivery address postcode.
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