Cold Forming & Folding

How do you cold form an angle or channel section?

  • Angles, Channels and Zed sections are cold formed (pressformed) on our CNC pressbrake.
  • The formed pieces have a sheared edge so must be handled with appropriate PPE. 

Can you fold any other shapes?

  • Yes, we can fold other shapes for example, trays, upstands and lips.
    Please contact our Sales Office with a drawing of your requirements.

25mm thick folded angle brackets


Can you fabricate and weld?

  • Daver Steels are a CE approved fabricator to Execution Class 3 (EXC 3). A copy of our certification is available to download. Execution Class 3 certification is comprehensive and also covers certification to Execution Class 1 and Execution Class 2.
  • The majority of our work is Fabrication to Execution Class 2 (EXC 2). 
  • Please contact the sales desk with a drawing of your requirements.

Glulam timber fabrication


How will the material be packed for despatch?

  • All material will be shrink wrapped or cling wrapped for despatch.
  • Smaller consignments - less than 20 Kg (or multiples thereof) will be despatched by parcel carrier.
  • Larger consignments will be packed on a pallet and despatched by pallet haulier. Please ensure that you have pallet offloading capability.



Need Holes or Slots?

We punch holes or slots in stainless steel or mild steel plates. The Punched Holes diameter must be greater than the plate thickness. Holes less than the plate thickness must be drilled - please contact the Sales Desk for a price
Holes or slots in Stainless or Mild Steel to your specification

How Accurate?

Download our Cutting & Bending tolerance specifications PDF
Accuracy Tolerances and Specifications

How Soon?

Delivery and manufacturing lead times. Depending upon the size of the order we aim to despatch goods within 2-5 working days. Carriage cost depends upon the size and weight of the order, and the delivery address postcode.
Delivery and manufacturing lead times