Serrated Patches and Washers

Serrated pads and washers are used to provide adjustment for a vertical / horizontal fixing.

Typical applications;

  • Brickwork fixings
  • Windposts
  • Stonework fixings
  • Solar shading fixings
  • Timber engineering
  • Façade engineering
  • Secondary steelwork

Serrated pads and washers are suitable for applications where -

  • A vertical fixing requires vertical adjustment during fitting and levelling
  • A horizontal fixings that requires horizontal positional adjustment during fitting.

Welded serrated pad

When the correct position is achieved the bolt fixing must be tightened to the appropriate torque value. The fixing is then locked into position.

Serrated pads and washers are available in carbon steel and stainless steel.

Serrated Pads and Washers
Carbon Steel Grade S275 Grade S355
Stainless Steel Grade 304/1.4301 Grade 304L/1.4307
Stainless Steel Grade 316/1.4401 Grade 316/1.4404

Our serrations are machined to a standard 3mm pitch (rather than pressed or stamped).

This produces clean, sharp and accurate fit for our patches and washers.

We hold stock of our standard sized serrated pads and serrated washers.

Stainless steel serrated pads

Serrated Patch & Serrated Pad sizes
Thickness 4mm 6mm
Standard Pad 40mm wide 80mm Long
Standard Washer 40mm wide 40mm long
Slots - 60mm long 14mm wide (M12) 18mm wide (M16)
Holes 14mm (M12) 18mm (M16)

We can manufacture bespoke sizes of pads and washers depending on your requirements - speak to your sales contact.

Bespoke hole sizes or slot sizes can be cut depending on your requirements - please talk to your sales contact.

Stainless steel serrated washers

Carbon steel serrated pads and washers can be galvanised. For more information see galvanising

‘Note’- where the patches have been welded to a main fabrication the zinc coating may require heating and cleaning after galvanizing to ensure that the serrations are free to interlock. 

The amount of cleaning will depend on the orientation of the fabrication during galvanizing and how the piece was withdrawn from the gavanising bath.

Serrrated washers should be ‘Spun Galvanised’ for best results. We can offer further advice based on our experience. Please talk to your sales contact.

You can buy standard components from our online SHOP. Or call our sales desk for your requirements.

Stainless steel serrated pads after welding to stainless steel channels

Stainless steel or mild steel patches and washers. Suitable for welding to angle brackets and providing adjustment for stone cladding supports, balcony structures and external brickwork support. 


Need Holes or Slots?

We punch holes or slots in stainless steel or mild steel plates. The Punched Holes diameter must be greater than the plate thickness. Holes less than the plate thickness must be drilled - please contact the Sales Desk for a price
Holes or slots in Stainless or Mild Steel to your specification

How Accurate?

Download our Cutting & Bending tolerance specifications PDF
Accuracy Tolerances and Specifications

How Soon?

Delivery and manufacturing lead times. Depending upon the size of the order we aim to despatch goods within 2-5 working days. Carriage cost depends upon the size and weight of the order, and the delivery address postcode.
Delivery and manufacturing lead times