Maximum Load Limits

Important ! Please note the maximum load limits detailed below.

  • Trailer Length : 12 Metres
  • Crane Lifting Capacity : 10 Tonnes
  • Combi Fork Lift Capacity : 4 Tonnes @ 600mm Load Centres
  • Max bundle weight (identified by delivery note) :  2 Tonnes
  • Max bundle length (identified by delivery note) :  12 Metres

Select the appropriate offloading procedure

MAximum Load Limits

Need Holes or Slots?

We punch holes or slots in stainless steel or mild steel plates. The Punched Holes diameter must be greater than the plate thickness. Holes less than the plate thickness must be drilled - please contact the Sales Desk for a price
Holes or slots in Stainless or Mild Steel to your specification

How Accurate?

Download our Cutting & Bending tolerance specifications PDF
Accuracy Tolerances and Specifications

How Soon?

Delivery and manufacturing lead times. Depending upon the size of the order we aim to despatch goods within 2-5 working days. Carriage cost depends upon the size and weight of the order, and the delivery address postcode.
Delivery and manufacturing lead times